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An Exercise On Moral Reasoning


Yes, you have the right to choose, but is it the right choice?


The morality of suicide has always been one of the gray areas which are discussed the most. I will start by saying that I believe the act of taking one’s own life is WRONG.

I have not once thought of taking my own life. One might argue that this makes me highly objective, not allowing the perspective of one who wants to commit suicide to be realized; however, I have concluded that this act is WRONG through the use of reason. Reason will most certainly not take away my bias towards suicide; however, it can limit it by a mile.

Why do I find suicide WRONG? My answer is simple; it is because suicide is the most selfish act a man can do. By saying that I should “look into his perspective” only makes the act seem more selfish than it already is. I may be seeing this because of my background and upbringing in a family which is devout the the Roman Catholic church, but even without religion, this act would do so much more than just end the life of one individual.

Before I reached the conclusion that this action is indeed WRONG, I thought of all the possible reasons a person will commit suicide. I have come upon a list of most common reasons for suicide (http://www.suicide.org/suicide-causes.html). All the reasons in this list leads to the mental illness of depression. Ending one’s life is the result of hopelessness and complete sadness. One cannot help but feel pity once completely reading the whole list of suicide reasons. Most of the reasons are the result of an bad interaction with other individuals. They “feel trapped” and “taken advantage of.” These reasons somehow limit the CHOICE they can make. They feel like they are somewhat forced to take their own life to free themselves from daily “pain.”

I’ve had a friend who has wanted to commit suicide. I am not particularly close to him, but I still would not want to know that he has killed himself when I could have done something. Naturally I kept talking to him until he was no longer as depressed as before. When I was talking to him, I was just telling him about how his family and friends will miss him and how he’s damaging a lot of other people by taking his own life, and not only himself.  I just kept repeating that this action was BAD.

Our class with Fr. Go helped me differentiate what is BAD from SINFUL, and that they are separate things. Bad being an act which is morally wrong. The conditions for something being a grave sin is the knowledge of the act, the freedom to choose, and the gravity of harm inflicted on one’s self or to the people around him. I could not think of one situation where suicide cannot be considered sinful, therefore it is indeed SINFUL.

Suicide is WRONG, BAD, and SINFUL. I am not condemning those who have already taken their lives. If there were such a thing as a “morality lawyer” who would judge if a person who has committed suicide is indeed guilty of SIN, he would probably say in defense of his client that the person was MENTALLY ILL. Then, the freedom of choice will then be taken away, and subsequently classify his suicide as an act which is only BAD but not SINFUL.

I AM A PROUD MORAL RATIONALIST, because even though I already have my given initial gut feel on whether something is RIGHT, NEUTRAL, or WRONG, I would still try to to think of WHY it is so.

If my friend were to talk to me again about committing suicide. I would tell him that he should think about the aspects of what makes a grave sin and also to use the same reason that I did.

Dear friend,

So you want to kill yourself? Are you not afraid of the wrath of God? Yes, if you kill yourself for the reason that you have told me, which is because you have a “sucky life,” then you are committing a GRAVE SIN. Please do not kill yourself, I’ve told you before that a lot of people will miss you, even though you do not think so. Take the roads of caution. Why would you risk damaging all the other people around you? Aren’t you afraid of the possibility of hell which means that you’ll burn in flames ETERNALLY? Even if you say that your faith isn’t that strong, would good reason tell you that it’s not a good risk? Wouldn’t living, and trying to make your life better be a better “risk” to take? Even if you say that this “risk” is small, since there’s only a small chance of succeeding. Use reason, think about if what your doing is WRONG or right. Use caution, are you willing to take the risk by making a choice which you cannot regret?






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Yes, you have the right to choose, but is it the right choice?


AOK module 3

Kumakain ka ba ng GMO?


Sarap talaga ng mga genetically modified products. Mas gusto kong kumain ng Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) products dahil ito ay mas masarap. Ang ginagawa kasi ng mga scientists ay ibahin ang genetic make up ng mga hayop o gulay na ating kinakain. Ginagawa nila ito para maging mas masarap at mas tumagal ang ating mga kinakain. 


Hindi ko maintindihan kung bakit ayaw kainin ng mga tao ang mga GMO. Karamihan ng mga tao na ayaw kumain ng GMO ay mga hippie. Pinapaniwalaan nila na mas magandang kumain ng “natural” na pagkain. Ang iba naman ay hindi sumasangayon sa ideyang ito dahil hindi daw pumapayag ang ating Diyos ama na “kupalin” natin ang kanyang mga ginagawa. Pero, ating “pagkupal” sa nature ay ating mapapakinabangan.



Karamihan ng ating mga processed food na ating mabibili ngayon sa grocery ay genetically modified na. Mas konti pa nga ang epekto ng GMO sa epekto ng iba’t ibang chemical fertilizers and feeds na ginagamit ngayon. Mas okay na ibahin ang DNA ng mga hayop at halaman para mas mapapakinabangan ang pagtubo nila, kaysa sa paglagay ng chemical sa kanilang mga katawan habang araw araw. Ang maganda nga sa GMO, tataas ang nutrient content at mababawasan ang mga hindi mapapakinabangang substances.

Changing Colors

We finally had a VC with a country that I actually wanted to have a VC with. I am very interested in the culture of europeans, particularly those from the UK. During this VC, I hoped to gain more knowledge about europeans; however, we only got to talk to three pretty cute girls. These girls, a blonde, a red-head, and a brunette, had a knack for talking really fast with their thick british accents. This made them somehow hard to understand since I am not accustomed with that kind of speaking.

The biggest insight I’ve gained from the VC is the idea of how a society revolving around an environment which is not dominated by a particular religion can still be a progressive an society. The three ladies, who were all giving brief but informative answers, raised the question “what do you value more, material wealth or spiritual wealth?” This question moved the conversation forward, towards deeper topics involving politics, religion, and how the two interact with each other in society. Overall, the only thing I think could have improved this VC was if there were more than just three girls to have the conference with!

Why drink?













Deciding on how to proceed . . .

3 Most relevant lessons:

– Social Justice
– Epistemological World Views
– New and better way to read biblical literature

2 Most important skills developed:

– Reflection on experiences and relating them to social awareness
– Putting more focus in trying to be an evaluativist

Most significant insight:

Being an evaluativist is the best way to tackle life and its ideas.